Sunday, May 16, 2010

So much for "happily ever after"

Did you ever have the chance of visiting “disney princess website”… you will hear a voice saying “welcome to the magical place of Disney princess, the loveliest place you have ever dreamed of, where every day is happily ever after

As usual my mind started to drift, are we being fed the wrong information? All my childhood, I loved Disney animated movies, I used to fantasize about cinderalla’s white dress and her glass slippers, sleeping beauty’s handsome prince who wakes her up with love’s first kiss, Princess Ariel, Princess jasmine, bella, mulan, poccahontis and so on…

Also many of the girls around me also share pretty much the same interest, a tall handsome young prince ( or RICH would be just as good enough) on a white horse ( now exchange to a white jaguar), who comes from a rich nobel bloodline of kings and queens (now traded for LUMS graduates or Engineers)

What little experience I have had in my life, I can easily conclude that love is not like a fairy tale..

Atleast when a little boy grabs a toy off the shelf it usually is something like cars or toolbox or planes, and when a girl picks something from a toy shop, why is it always a Barbie doll with their perfect hair and perfect outfits and their perfect HOT prince.

Are we fed the wrong information by Disney movies and all these happily ever after movies? Did watching too much of these princess’s perfect stories have mess with our expectations? Do we expect to meet our knight in shinning armor in a ball (now exchange for our best friend’s wedding)?

Will loosing a slipper or kissing a frog ultimately helps us find our happily ever after.. but don’t they also say that you have to kiss a million frogs to find your true prince?

We cant expect things to be perfect because life isn’t fair.


  1. lol, interesting analysis with not so interesting analogy, leave the poor fairytails alone :P. Can't really say much, guys don't have fairytails of one day jumping into a Nascar or formula 1, but yea its true to some extent as I was always told the stories of being a soldier and killing enemies, well thats far fetch now lol..

    but would you still stop your kid from grabbing a barbie or a toy car?? or stop them from watching all these disney fairytales?? don't think so, hmmmm....but at the same time, it might be good for a reality check, lets say a girl always dreams about a prince charming but her first guy is not so great, maybe thats the reality check of the real world, we dont live in no fairytales...

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  3. Hey!, i read ur blog
    (The GOOD!!!... The BAD... and The UGLY!!!)
    late but congra8 to u. it seems odd to ask here but can u plz tell the from where u got surgery and Price. Actually my cousin was asking me. he also wanted to live a life free of glasses so plz and howz u feel now a perfect vision??
    "Meri Kahani" that was also my display name.