Sunday, May 16, 2010

So much for "happily ever after"

Did you ever have the chance of visiting “disney princess website”… you will hear a voice saying “welcome to the magical place of Disney princess, the loveliest place you have ever dreamed of, where every day is happily ever after

As usual my mind started to drift, are we being fed the wrong information? All my childhood, I loved Disney animated movies, I used to fantasize about cinderalla’s white dress and her glass slippers, sleeping beauty’s handsome prince who wakes her up with love’s first kiss, Princess Ariel, Princess jasmine, bella, mulan, poccahontis and so on…

Also many of the girls around me also share pretty much the same interest, a tall handsome young prince ( or RICH would be just as good enough) on a white horse ( now exchange to a white jaguar), who comes from a rich nobel bloodline of kings and queens (now traded for LUMS graduates or Engineers)

What little experience I have had in my life, I can easily conclude that love is not like a fairy tale..

Atleast when a little boy grabs a toy off the shelf it usually is something like cars or toolbox or planes, and when a girl picks something from a toy shop, why is it always a Barbie doll with their perfect hair and perfect outfits and their perfect HOT prince.

Are we fed the wrong information by Disney movies and all these happily ever after movies? Did watching too much of these princess’s perfect stories have mess with our expectations? Do we expect to meet our knight in shinning armor in a ball (now exchange for our best friend’s wedding)?

Will loosing a slipper or kissing a frog ultimately helps us find our happily ever after.. but don’t they also say that you have to kiss a million frogs to find your true prince?

We cant expect things to be perfect because life isn’t fair.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The GOOD!!!... The BAD... and The UGLY!!!

i wouldnt say i wasnt scared... i was scared to death.. n i was continously cursing the time i said yes for this surgery... glasses and contacts do irritate me but hospital and SURGERY is something i would never trade with nything

my mother was more worried than me, she knew i was her chota sa bacha and she knew no matter how much i say "ill b fine maa" , i was not :D

as soon as i handed over my file to the attendant, i realised that i have to go inside alone... they took my scans which were kind of cute :D...nothing major, just the "layout" of my eyeballs to help them get the coordinates right (like an eyeball map!).
Then they put a hair cap over my head to keep my hair out of my face, plopped two yellow stickers on my forehead... two yellow bandages over my cheeks to cover my ears ...and i was sent back to the waiting room with other five people having the same funny bandages :D
All I could think about was how silly the stickers on my face looked, i wish i could share a picture of that moment here :D

i was taken to the operating room where my doctor was trying to explain the procedure to me and was trying his best to put me in "im not afraid and i dont care" mood which i doubt he was very successful at
They told me to lie down on a chair/bed and the doctor put a patch over the eye he was not working on. He put numbing drops in, taped my eyelashes back to my lids so they were out of the way, and stuck in the little steel thing that keeps your eye propped open. All of this was much more more worse than it sounds...
and Yes... you are wide awake for this surgery !!!!

my doctor talked me through the process..saying things like, "okay look at the red light, a shadow will come towards your eye, you're doing great". It was all dandelions, rainbows and sunshine.. until the flap cutting part happened.
in order to treat the eye they have to cut a flap on the surface of your eye, peel it back, and then laser treat the surface. The worse than worst part of the whole procedure was the flap cutting. It didn't hurt, i cud barely feel anything because of the numb drops they had put in.. but i could see the scalpal by which they were cutting my poor eye...

it was a lot of pressure and scariness and then your sight goes completely black and you feel like you have gone blind. It comes back after about 3 seconds though, and you can see that orange blinking light again (I was so happy to see that little light).
during whole of this 10 seconds procedure of cutting the flap, my doctor was continously pleading me to stay still and calm... cause my eye ball was continously dancing left and right :D... but i dont think any normal human being can remain calm after wathcing the scalpal type knife cutting open ur eye flap...

Then the laser comes on and i could hear the attendee saying "sir ! laser ready to fire" like some sort of counter strike game was on... i held my breath... my eye ball was continously dancing under the red liught... some clicking and you can't feel anything at all, but you can smell your eyeball flesh burning (sounds horrible but it is really quick!).

the worst part in these 20 seconds time was that the attendee said "sir ! laser ready to fire" four times, and everytime i heard him saying that, i swear i wanted to push away all the machines and wanted to run out of that place...
Then they lie the flap back down, put a few drops in your eye, take off the tape, and voila! Then they move on to the other eye.

48 hours of continous pain and you feel like your eye balls are on fire from the back of your head.... your nerves palpitate, whenver you try to sleep , you will see yourself following the same red light... for 72 hrs you will have nightmares about a red light :D...
they give you 'valium' to help you sleep but valium does not help you in sleeping at all... nothing works... your eyes become too much sensitive to light, even the lightest of light seems to hurt your eyes.

but after 72 hrs, i woke up one morning with a crystal clear vision, i could see the clock in my room which i never really could see without my glasses :D.. it was the strangest sensation to have "naturally" perfect vision when you are used to waking up and stumbling through your morning semi-blindness unless you reach out for your glasses..... though i could not enjoy this feeling for long as within 5 minutes everything was blurred again :D

my doctor says it will take around 3-4 weeks for my perfect vision :).. so anyways, cheers to naturally good vision and no more contact lenses and its time to get rid of my glasses !

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Manifolds of life

There are too many things I found out today:

Never think that a happy person standing beside you is really happy… he may have lived through million times more tragedy that you will live in hundred years

The more you will try to hold sand in your hands.. the more it will slip away.

A person (especially me) can never be satisfied with what it has… the need of having more is the essence of life (though I don’t like it about myself)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guilty of acting like a snake

When I was young, there was a very famous story of a man who was out for work and he saw a snake, curled up, hungry, worn out and cold. He took the snake home. He took really good care of him , fed him, made him warm in front of a fireplace, let his kids play with the snake. But suddenly he saw that the snake was trying to bite his kids, the farmer got angry and killed the snake.

I don’t exactly remember the moral of the story, because only thing we learn in our school is to be nice to everyone, good or bad, irrespective of the way he/she treats u. May be the purpose of the story was to tell us that there are some people who wont repay us for our good deeds, and that they will still look for opportunities to hurt us in any way possible, no matter how good we are too them.

And right now I am trying to understand the snake, why did he try to bite, when the farmer was really good to him … may be it’s a snake’s nature to bite. ........


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Untitled ( waiting for suggestions)!!!

I have finally decided to re-decorate my room and wanted to do something new and different and as Google has answer to everything I just googled it, I came across something which I m sure most of you havnt heard before… its "Feng Shui'"

Because the Chinese were so renowned for their herbal medicine, acupuncture, kung fo etc . I decided they must be right about feng shui; and I decided to feng shui'd my room.

Feng Shui is an ancient art developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

For example :
• A bell by the front door leads luck in; a bell by the back door leads luck out. so I should move the wind chimes to the front door.

• Dried flowers are good for decoration; but because they're dead flowers, they're bad for feng shui. So Out should they went.

• Out went the live plants in the bedroom because they create too much energy for sound sleep. Because live plants are good in rooms of sick people, I should have some in my office. No, I am not sick but people there really need some live energy.

• Sleeping with your feet facing the door is the death position. ( I hope some of you got scared by this :P )

• Any sign of water in the bedroom promotes misunderstanding, and complications in life.

• A mirror in the bedroom causes a third person to enter an otherwise good relationship. (I was planning to have a full length mirror in my room :O )

• Feng Shui can also help loose weight :P… you just have to uphold more water signs and colors like green and blue in your kitchen and dining room. ( I wish loosing weight could be so easy :P )

• You should never display a big clock in your bed room. The only clock that is allowed in the bedroom, feng shui-wise, is a small alarm clock that can be easily tucked away.

I am still not sure what im going to do with my bed room but I like the concept of decorating home keeping these aspects in mind. We all know and believe that colors and other stuff like candles and perfumes does have an effect. So wish me luck for my room and Happy Feng Shui-ing! :D

(Dear Readers, i couldt come up with an interesting and attention catching title for this post... suggestions for this blog post title are welcome.. ill change if u can suggest anything good and interesting)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brain Dead!

9:25 am : its been whole month I havn't written anything… Today im definitely going to try.

9:45 am : 15 minutes I have been staring at my red colored blog ( may be its time to change its layout a bit )

10:05 am: Can't find anything to write and can't find any good template either :(

10:45 am: Ah Tea time!... exactly what I need to think of something

12:45 pm : Should read something, will stimulate some ideas [blog catalog, Ezine, MSN, google News]

1:15 pm: Hungry

3:05 pm: "iphone 3G S is released"

3:24 pm: "Woman Who Missed Air France Flight 447 Killed in Car Crash" ( its like Final Destination Returns for the 4th time)

4: 35 pm: Just deleted half a page of trashy stuff that made no sense at all.

5:01 pm: what the hell.. I can see my blog infront of my eyes even when m not looking at the screen… may be I am hallucinating…

5:35 pm: Time to pack up… may be I should stop trying to write something and wait to be strucked by lightning :P

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Pied Piper for Pakistan

i was going through a friend's blog... he seems quit affected by our country's political and economical condition... i was reading some of his posts and i was thinking about what he was trying to do...

Rebel's Voyage this is his blog if you wanna knw what i mean

Actually he is right about everything he has mentioned... but i think that instead of one superman dragging one corrupt politician out on road [just like that anil kapoor's movie in which he became CM for one day], i think that we should have more of a higher through put method to this political cleansing thing.

Are you thinking what i am thinking ??? yes!! we need a pied piper. We need a stranger dressed in bright red and yellow... who can get rid of the rats...who can lure all the corrupt ones and then make them jump off the cliff... cool method, huh?